New Car Services

Time Savings: 10+ Hours

With Us Without Us
Call our office to discuss your needs 30 minutes Research car reviews 2 hours
Discuss possible cars when located 30 minutes Search internet classifieds 2 hours
Pick up your car at our office 30 minutes Visit dealers - 2 weekends 8 hours
Total Time 1.5 hours Total Time 12 hours

New Car Buyers Save Money & Time

Cost Sales and Leasing lets you the consumer buy new cars at wholesale prices without having to deal with a high-pressure car dealer. In addition to saving you money on the purchase of your new car, we can save you a substantial amount of time.

We specialize in helping you find the exact car of your choice. We will computer-locate your choice of vehicle through our statewide dealer network-or help you factory-order your new vehicle to your specifications and save even more money.

We offer a personalized, no-pressure atmosphere. There are no high-pressure dealer-negotiated sales tactics. We do not charge for our service unless your choice is to buy through us. We can also deliver your new vehicle to your specified destination.

All new cars sold by Cost Sales and Leasing are covered by the manufacturer's new car warranty, which goes in your name only-no transfer needed. Your car will also be registered as a new car per California DMV procedures.

Trade-Ins: We give you a free and fair appraisal on your vehicle. We can assist you in selling your car on consignment. (Cars on consignment will be listed on our website.)

Cost Sales and Leasing can arrange financing and lease options for you too. (Often your credit union provides the best source of funding; we recommend that you save time by letting your credit union pre-approve your car loan.)

Buy your new car at wholesale prices without the dealer hassle, call us at 925-846-5900 or email us today!